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How does Voice Message Sling work?

Silent Prospector implements a powerful, ground-breaking communications technology called “Ringless Voicemail” which delivers your voicemail message directly into the voicemail box of the mobile phone user. .. without ringing their phone.

So it simply appears to be a missed call with a voicemail message and a caller ID.

The recipient then listens to your message, and if they are interested, they can call back via the caller ID associated with that message.Because it does not ring the phone, and because there is no cost to the recipient, it is totally FTC and TCPA compliant.

  • Affordable

    Priced within reach of every business, large or small, and even individuals who are just starting out. Everyone can afford this service, and everyone can benefit from this service.

  • Where Do We Get The List of Cell Phone Numbers?

    Never run out of phone numbers. You can easily export the phone numbers from Lead Finder Jack and New Biz Prospector directly int o Silent Prospector. Still need more numbers? Just ask for our help. Never have a shortage of phone numbers. Silent Prospector only sends voice messages to cell phone numbers, and you will only get charged for successful drops. Import as many phone numbers as you want.

  • FTC & TCPA Compliant

    Since your message goes directly to voicemail and is not a phone call answered by the other person, this system is fully compliant with the governing agencies. Currently it works in USA and Canada, and soon in Europe as well.

How VMSling Can Benefit You

Easy To Learn & Easy To Use.

  • 1

    Never Cold Call Again

  • 2

    Get started instantly

  • 3

    Easy to make special offers

  • 4

    $ave thousand$ of dollars in ads & marketing

  • 5

    true White Label - Position Yourself As the Specialist 


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